HIGH PROFILE: Ana Davidson of Saint Joan Studio

Because I was stoned, I felt the freedom to describe the synesthesia. “A’ is always red and so is the number two. Three is always yellow, E is always yellow... And all my friends were all like you’re fucking crazy! I know you’re stoned Ana, but that’s, like, not a thing.

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What is Pride?

Pooya Mohseni posits that Pride is taking responsibility for our souls and making sure we're bathed in the glow of kindness and wisdom, so we can grow, connect and be the most beautiful we can be.

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Pooya Mohseni
Voting With Your Dollar

It’s still 2017 (nope sorry it’s not over yet) and every other brand is scrambling to prove its “wokeness.” That’s all well and good, but the line between business and benevolence is always blurry.

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Nora Rothman
"Green" Is The New Red Wine

Recreational legalization has changed the whole culture surrounding marijuana. It’s no longer this sneaky, disappear-for-20-minutes-at-a-party, counterculture, type of thing. And here we are - It’s 2017. Now that pot is legal, the stereotypes are shifting.

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Theresa Healey
Brunch Chronicles: The Theater

By day, Peter Nguyen slays behind a double monitor and marketing optimizations. By night, he slays in 6-inch heels within New York's drag and kink scene. These are his chronicles as told over croissants and coffee.

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Peter Nguyen